Custom Vinyl Car Wrap Dos And Don’ts

You want to update the look of your vehicle but cannot afford a new paint job or are afraid new paint will void your vehicle's warranty. A vinyl vehicle wrap can help you update your car without impacting your warranty at a fraction of the price of new paint. Additionally, your vinyl wrap will protect your vehicle's paint and can be removed at any time. If you are considering wrapping your car or have recently had a vinyl wrap installed on your vehicle, here are a few dos and don'ts to keep in mind. Read More 

Types Of Auto Body Repair Techniques

Body damage to your car is an issue that will have to be repaired in order to preserve the appearance of your car. Depending on the type of body damage, this may also be needed to avoid impacts to its functionality. Body Fillers A common method used for repairing severe dents will be to apply a layer of body filler to the damaged section of the car's exterior. This filler is able to bind to the exterior of the car, and it will harden so that it can provide a discreet repair while still being highly durable. Read More 

Keys To Finding An Optimal Auto Repair Shop

If there is major structural damage to your vehicle, such as a dent or a bent fender, then you'll need help from an auto repair shop. There are probably several shops in your area, but with these tips, you can be confident in your selection.  Gather Bids One of the more important factors to focus on when looking for a shop to work on your vehicle is rate. Every shop will charge differently based on the services they provide, their experience, and the parts they supply. Read More