Types Of Auto Body Repair Techniques

Body damage to your car is an issue that will have to be repaired in order to preserve the appearance of your car. Depending on the type of body damage, this may also be needed to avoid impacts to its functionality.

Body Fillers

A common method used for repairing severe dents will be to apply a layer of body filler to the damaged section of the car's exterior. This filler is able to bind to the exterior of the car, and it will harden so that it can provide a discreet repair while still being highly durable. Once the filler has been applied, it will have to be painted to match the rest of the car's exterior. Otherwise, it will leave a white mark that may be highly noticeable. Matching the body filler ot the rest of the vehicle will take a skilled technician, but it is possible for it to be colored well enough to blend into the rest of the car's exterior.

Replacing Damaged Sections

Unfortunately, severe instances of auto body damage may not be repairable with body filler. These matters may result in sections of the car's exterior needing to be replaced. This can be one of the most intensive body repairs that your vehicle can have performed, but it is often the only resort for those that are wanting to restore the appearance of their vehicle following instances of body damage. For those that have recently made vehicles, obtaining replacement body parts will be fairly easy and inexpensive. However, if you are needing to have a section of the body replaced for an antique or collector's car, this may be more difficult as these parts can be harder to find. However, an experienced auto body repair professional will likely be able to source these components, but it may take slightly longer.

Suction Dent Repairs

For dents that are too minor to be addressed with body filler or panel replacements, suction dent removal can be an effective option. This process will utilize a specialized tool that can gently pull out the dent. One advantage of this option is that it may be able to save you from having to utilize repair options that will involve painting. In addition to reducing the costs of the repairs, avoiding the need to paint the body of the car can also significantly reduce the amount of time that your vehicle's auto body repairs will require. Due to the limits of suction dent repair techniques, you will need to have the vehicle's damage evaluated to determine whether it can be repaired using this relatively new auto body damage repair technique.

For more information, reach out to a professional who provides car body repair services.