How To Prevent Flash Rusting When Restoring A Car With Media Blasting

When restoring a car, one important step is applying a new coat of paint. Before you can do this, you'll need to remove rust, dirt, and other debris that will get in the way of the paint adhering to the surface. The best way to clean a surface is to use media blasting. However, the media blasting technique used needs to prevent flash rusting.

Understanding Media Blasting

Media blasting is a technique similar to power washing that cleans a metal part by blasting it with small pieces of material using pressurized air. The media can be anything from walnut shells to glass beads.

Preventing Flash Rust

Flash rust is a problem that emerges on a metal part within minutes of a technician cleaning it. Because the technician has recently stripped the metal down, there is very little to protect it from rust. The higher the humidity and the greater the salt contamination, the more susceptible the metal part is to flash rusting.

However, it can occur whenever using a water-based solution. A technician can prevent flash rusting by using a water solution made with very clean water. Water that contains chemicals such as chlorine is more likely to cause rust. Water filtration systems such as reverse osmosis can clean the water enough to reduce flash rusting.

Technicians also use rust inhibitors to minimize rust since contamination can still occur. The air should also be filtered to eliminate potential contaminants to reduce rusting. 

Keeping the Surface Wet

While creating a wet surface can cause rust when not using the correct methods, a damp surface will still minimize rust compared to a dry method because the water leaves the surface much cleaner. The water washes contaminants off so the paint can better adhere to the metal part.

Using the Right Equipment

The right equipment to achieve the best results with media blasting would be best. Some DIY enthusiasts purchase an air compressor to clean their parts using media blasting, but this can backfire. A media blasting service will use professional equipment to restore your vehicle most safely and efficiently.

Smaller media blasters are available on the market for DIY enthusiasts. However, these blasters only work on small parts. You'll have a more difficult time stripping your entire car when you intend to apply an entirely new coat of paint. The more time it takes, the more likely there will be contamination and the better results you'll have.  

For more information about media blasting, contact a local company.