Powder Coating Customization For Car Shows

Whether restoring cars is a passionate and competitive hobby or it's your career, finding an edge over your competition often comes through finding innovative ways to customize your vehicles. Powder coating is one of the most versatile and customizable options available to car show competitors. Here are some powder coating ideas you can use to wow the judges and bring more trophies home back to your garage. Contrast From an aesthetic standpoint, seamless uniformity is often the desired aim of any custom paint job. Read More 

What You Need To Know About Your Hydraulic Brakes

The brake system in your car is the only guarantee you have that you'll be able to bring your car to a stop. This makes it, perhaps, the most important part of the vehicle. Because of this, you need to have a good understanding of how the brake system in your car works and also the possible problems it can experience. How the Hydraulic Brakes Work The operating principle of the brakes in your car is fairly simple. Read More 

Three Reasons You Should Not Pull A Dent Out Of A Car Yourself

Thanks to YouTube videos, many people are able to complete a wide array of tasks on their own that they would normally turn to professionals for assistance with. However, while there are many different tasks that you can complete on your own, if you have a dent in your car, pulling the dent out by yourself is not a task you should take on. While YouTube videos make the process look easy enough, there are actually many negatives that can occur if you attempt auto body repairs, such as dent pulling, on your own. Read More 

Why You Should Take Your Damaged Car To An Auto Body Shop Instead Of A Mechanic Shop

A car accident can be stressful and traumatic from having a near death experience to going to the hospital. These reactions occur even before having to estimate the damages to your car. After taking care of your health, you can focus on making repairs. Read on to find out why you should take your damaged car to an auto body shop instead of a mechanic shop. Making Repairs and Fixing Damage Is Not One In The Same Read More 

How To Stop A Windshield Crack From Spreading

Windshield cracks are one of the most common troubles faced by vehicle owners. Many owners consider this problem a small one and don't realize that if they are not careful, the crack may spread swiftly and increase your cost of getting the auto glass fixed. To stop a windshield crack from spreading, you can try the following methods: If you are a DIY kind of a person, you can buy a windshield repair it from a local supply store selling automotive parts and seal the crack yourself within a few minutes by using resin. Read More