Powder Coating Customization For Car Shows

Whether restoring cars is a passionate and competitive hobby or it's your career, finding an edge over your competition often comes through finding innovative ways to customize your vehicles. Powder coating is one of the most versatile and customizable options available to car show competitors.

Here are some powder coating ideas you can use to wow the judges and bring more trophies home back to your garage.


From an aesthetic standpoint, seamless uniformity is often the desired aim of any custom paint job. Power coating, however, can deliver the same uniformity while allowing you to add contrasts that pop.

Chassis: few things are more show worthy than a fully restored chassis. You can showcase your chassis work by choosing a powder coating treatment that contrasts with your main paint and/or powder coating choice. Natural-hued chassis colors like gray and beige can provide a flat contrast that shows off your chassis, while also projecting the vehicle's primary color pattern. 

Mirrors, wipers, and more: your vehicle's small features, like its windshield or wipers mirrors, are also perfect for adding a contrasting element that compliments its primary color scheme.  Even add a slight variation of the vehicle's primary color scheme can customize your ride in ways that other competitors won't be able to copy. 

Proprietary Color Blends

Because powder coating can help you achieve a wide range of hues, finishes, and colors, you can achieve levels of customization that can't be replicated by traditional paint methods. 

Proprietary blends: the best powder coating contractors create their colors, hues, and finishes. They will often guarantee to their clients to use the concoction they choose for your vehicle exclusively for you. Although you may need to pay a little more for this proprietary guarantee, you can go into your next competition knowing that your vehicle will have a color and finish that won't be copied by anyone else.

Originality Reimagined

Much of classic car restoration is about making the vehicle look like it did on the day that it first rolled down the road. This time-traveling act is often prioritized by car show judges. The best powder coat contractors can not only help make your vehicle look like it did the first day it rolled off the lot, but they can help you reimagine the original look. For instance, choosing a slight variation of the original color, finish, or hue can make the vehicle look completely restored, while also looking original.

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