Involved In A Front-End Collision? Here Are 4 Damages You May Experience

Accidents happen when you least expect them and lead to minor or major damage to your vehicle. Some damage may not be evident if you're involved in a fender bender or a multi-car front-end collision. Depending on the damage to your car, the repair process can be simple or complicated to fix. For instance, a professional mechanic can repair cosmetic damage using paintless dent repair. Damage to the internal components may require the replacement of different parts. Here are four damages to watch out for.

Damage to the Driving Mechanism of Your Vehicle

Your vehicle steering system—including the acceleration and brake pedals—helps to control your vehicle's operation. After a front-end collision, you can expect significant damage to the driving mechanism. If you don't take quick action and make timely repairs, you may find it difficult to control your vehicle. Some of the parts that a technician will inspect for damage include the driveshaft and cv axles.

Damage To The Windshield

You can expect damage to your vehicle's windshield following a front-end collision. While the windshield may be glass, it won't pose a safety risk to passengers after an accident. This is because it's held together by vinyl glass which doesn't break into pieces. Consider repairing the damage if the windshield develops a crack after a minor fender bender. If it shatters, the best cause of action is to replace it.

Damage To The Bumper

Most new model vehicles feature bumpers that are fitted under a bumper cover. This section also features the safety sensors for airbags. Some vehicle models even feature sensors that make it easier to make parallel parking. If your bumper sustains damage after a crash, an auto body repair expert will replace the bumper and any damaged sensors.

Damage To The Vehicle Body and Frame

The body frame of your vehicle plays a critical role in supporting your vehicle's weight and offering stability. It also ensures that the cabin stays intact after an accident. The body damage to your vehicle can range from minor damage like dents to a bent frame. Scratches and dents to the car can easily be repaired through dent removal and painting. Frame alignment requires extensive repairs as the work involves using specialized tools.

After a front-end collision, it's essential to seek the services of a local collision center. Even if the external damage doesn't look severe, there could be more hidden damages that should be looked into. A collision center technician can undertake performance checks and advise you on warning signs of failure you should watch out for.