Clever Ways To Cover Small Cracks And Chips In Your Car’s Windows

Sometimes you cannot get to an auto glass repair shop right away. When the repairs you need are rather small but are still an eyesore to you, you can cover them up in clever ways. Here are some options that make your vehicle stand out while hiding small chips and cracks in your auto glass.

Semi-Permanent Options

Glass Paint

Craft paint for painting on glass can be purchased from just about any craft store or retailer that sells arts and crafts supplies. Glass craft paint comes in lots of colors, and you can paint just about anything you want over the chips and small cracks in your vehicle's windows. Flowers and animals work well for this sort of thing, but you can let your creativity fly.

Colored Epoxy

Colored epoxy does double duty for the issues with your vehicle's glass. It acts as a glue to hold the glass together and prevent more damage until you can fix or replace the glass. It also adds a decorative touch when you use it to "paint" the area around the chip or small crack or use it in conjunction with glass craft paint.

Removable Options


Auto decals are also fun and useful. They can disguise the chip or crack while decorating the glass. Additionally, if you want to save your auto glass rather than replace it entirely, the decals can be removed for repairs. (That is not the case with paint or epoxy, which would have to be scraped or rubbed out prior to repairing the glass.)

Suction Cup Signs or "Pets"

If the chip or crack is in a front windshield, this option should not be used. However, it is perfect for slight damage in your car door windows and rear windshield if you want to hide chips and cracks from interior view. The classic, "Baby on Board" suction cup signs are one example of this popular car decoration. The suction cup can be placed over a chipped area, while the sign hides a cracked area. You can also use the suction cup "pets," stuffed animals like cartoon characters, to hide chips and cracks from view.

Be Careful with the Amount of Pressure You Apply

Auto glass is only as strong as its weakest point. Applying pressure to a chipped or cracked area should be done with great caution. If you choose any of the above options to hide or disguise a damaged bit of glass, be very careful with pressure and the application of the option you chose.