2 Benefits Of Using A Paintless Dent Repair Service For Your Car

If you have bumped into something with your car, you may have noticed a rather large dent in the body. Fortunately, however, you may have also found that the paint was not damaged.

Because you want to restore the beauty of your vehicle, you are most likely ready to have the dent repaired. If so, consider the benefits of having a service perform paintless dent repair over traditional methods of fixing the damage.

1.  Work Is Completed in Less Time than Other Repair Methods

One benefit of using a service that offers paintless repair of the dents is that the method often takes much less time to complete. With the standard methods, the paint is removed and the body panel is manipulated to even out the surface, then the bare area must be repainted. This method could take a couple of days, leaving you without your vehicle.

However, with the paintless method, you may have your car back within a few hours. Depending on how busy the service is at the time you drop off your car, you may even be able to wait for it. Because the car's paint does not have to be stripped and reapplied, this eliminates much of the work that is required to remove the dent.

2.  Possibility of Noticeable, Mismatched Paint Is Eliminated

Another advantage of choosing the paintless method over more traditional ones is that it eliminates the possibility that the reapplied paint will be mismatched. While traditional dent repair methods will look for the color code that matches your car, there is always the chance that the different paint lots may have slight variations. If the paint is not perfectly matched, it will be noticeable after the job is completed.

However, since the paintless method does not require the application of new paint, the damaged area will retain the same paint job and color that was applied to your car when it was new. Once the dent is repaired, you will not have to worry about mismatched paint making the old damage noticeable.

If your car's body is dented but the paint itself is not damaged, you may want to consider a less invasive repair method that will take less time as well as deliver a smoother finish. Take your vehicle to an auto body shop near you that offers paintless dent repair services to have them inspect the damage to your car's body, and discuss whether this method would work best for you.